Friday, 9 October 2009

What well dressed guinea pigs

OK, sorry if this post seems a little random, but I've been planning all the things to put together for a while.
I promised womenswear yesterday and so that's what you're getting, if inspired by guinea pigs.
My three lovely little girls- Vuitton, Chanel and Dior- have such different and interesting personalities, and with names like those it seems fun to imagine how they would dress if they were human! First up is Vuitton:

Here is the not-so-little mad thing. Built like a brick and utterly barmy. Has the odd calm moment but is mostly known as the dominant one. The very first item I put in were those oh so fierce spiked Louboutins, and of course I had to put in the Louis Vuitton Sprouse bag.


And then there's little Chanel.
What a little sweetie, her attempts at being grumpy are positively pathetic, bless. Is always friendly and loves grooming her grumpy aunt Vuitton. I think of her in soft pastel colours- lovely tweeds and florals. This one was hardest to edit down.


And lastly the wonderful Dior.

Such a little cutie, and ever so nice. Her grumpy noises are not quite as feeble as Chanels, but they are nothing to Vuittons. Alas she has often been downtrodden by her sister in the past, but gets on very well with her daughter and prefers to stay out of the chaos, though trust me, she has her mad moments too. She has been very calm of late and often gets all snuggled up and has a nap on my lap. These are slightly unusual accessories, but classic, snuggly clothes.


If you want to see a bunny in designer, go to Fifi Lapin ( It always makes me smile. :)


Confessions of a Fashion Editor (Amy) said...

This post is INCREDIBLE : )

And I LOOOOVE Fifi Lapin!

xxx A

Couture Carrie said...

This is the most adorable post ever, darling Florrie!
Love your collages, especially the third one!


Dustjacket Attic said...

I love love their names. They are just so cute and loving the fashions of course.

Have an award for you at mine.

Amy Clarke said...

This is such a cool idea for a post, absolutely love it! And your guinea pigs are gorgeous. I might do the same for my cat Ginger... You might have started a blogging revolution here!!

Amy xo

Pearl Westwood said...

I will be your guinea pig if I get those outfits!! What a great post, I love fifi lapin too x

Leah said...

I love this guinea pig post.

I'm lusting over that LV Sprouse bag.

alissa said...

hahaha this is hilarious! i grew up with a guinea pig, her name was ms.piggy. im sure she wouldve loved these looks:)

Mary said...

u are crazy! luv it

The Art of Fashion said...

I'm in LOVE with the last collage of clothes! I desperately want to see it worn! Very nice :)

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