Monday, 5 April 2010

Magazine report: Elle Collections

So let's look at the issue compared to the last one:
Well apart from the size difference and I must say the new issue is a lot easier to read practically; the paper has a different feel, well infact some sections are in different papers again, and the whole thing just seems more 'arty' if that makes sense. There seems to be more writing and while there are some bits I enjoyed reading, it just doesn't have the same feel as the old copies.
I do like the new street style feature and as a fashion geek I get engrossed in all the backstage snippets.
and the close up Miu Miu print I loved,
but not as much as I adored the Erdem!
There are more inspiration pages and I really like this photograph which represents the romantic trends of the season.
Oh yes there are some runway pictures too!
I like the colour theme spreads despite a slight crowded feeling. It's quite a general guide and I guess for me if I see something I like I'll go look up the collection online.
I'm torn between liking the magazine a lot and wishing it was more like the past editions which are brilliant references for each relevent season that I plan to never cut up. On balance I think that it's still a good overview of the season and it's really worth getting as the new artsy feel is very appealing and I personally think it's worth it for that amazing Erdem photo, but then I am a little obsessed with that particular spring/summer collection!
Here's hoping Luella's back in next years s/s issue as well.


Pearl Westwood said...

Know what I liked about the new issue? The fact that I could read it the day I got it and not have to leave the horrendous ink smell to dispearse for a few days, did you ever notice how bad it was?
I too am torn between old and new, it was great to have the extra features but there were less actual images. Then again I get Vogue Collections which has everything under the sun images wise and will always be my favorite.
The jacket was like most things an ebay treasure x

janettaylor said...

So beautiful!

Couture Carrie said...

Fab review, darling!
I love the Miu Miu and Erdem too!


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