Sunday, 27 June 2010

Links à la Mode

Every week members of Indpendent Fashion Bloggers are invited to submit their best post of the week for the Links à la Mode which then gets posted around the blogs of all those involved. I am delighted to say that not only have I made this weeks (yay!) but next month I'll be put on rotation for editing the links myself. I feel honoured to have been chosen, and though I am slightly worried about choosing out of such strong blog posts I am incredibly excited! is having a little maintenance to keep it shiny at the moment but should be back tomorrow. I really recommend joining as it's such a lovely and interesting community I've learnt so much from.

Fashion History, Doing it Yourself, and Breaking Stereotypes
Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

My first week editing the Links a`la Mode and it was such a pleasure to peruse the latest jewels from the blogosphere! Imagine viewing the history of fashion through the lens of a exhibition or a syllabus of what you wish was taught. How about taking inspiration from the latest Jeffery Campbell shoe and tricking out your own for less? Better yet, let’s talk about the “nude” trend and its color classification, and while we are at it, let’s question the newest movement in advertising campaigns: Unretouched and real beauty- a breakthrough or a publicity stunt? From fashion tips, finds, and favorite things, this week’s links a`la mode will satiate your hunger for full frontal fashion!

Links à la Mode: June 24th
Bay Area Style File Shoptalk: Stript Wax Bar
Bonne Vie Is “nude” a problem? Or just a color palette?
Fashion Butter How to deal with the girls (dressing a larger chest)
Fasshonaburu looks back at the fashion rules she set for herself at the beginning of the year to see how’s she’s done following them
Fish Tank Fashion Are “unretouched” and “real beauty” advertising campaigns just a publicity stunt?
Grit and Glamour Photography for the Amateur, Stagefright-Afflicted Blogger
Hello Beauty have a new makeup lesson video with the Bobbi Brown Beach Collection and Treatment Lip Shines on hello beauty! The lesson is by Bobbi Brown education executive Katrina Rau.
Intrinsically Florrie From 50s swimwear to an 18th century duchess’s wardrobe; a look at her college’s fashion exhibition
Living Embellished Take a course in Fashion History…you know, what you always wished your college offered!
Lovely & Lavish With the help of a stylish scarf you can transform an everyday getup into a chic outfit, Lovely & Lavish explores this season’s best accessory!
Meowsk Dressing for the playground, reminiscent of recess.
Miss Jones and Me Shares a Few of her Favorite Things
Miss Vinyl Ahoy DIY Jeffrey Campbell Tick shoes for under $20!
Profresh Style Combining prints & textures
Retro Chick Frock love: Hot picks from the world of reproduction vintage
Simply Luxurious Summer items to add to your wardrobe
Stylish Thought Everyone Loves a Quirky Girl: Examining quirky style and women who dress the part
The Coveted Under the Sea, Closeup view of Cynthia Rowley’s Resort 2011 Collection
The Curvy Fashionista The opening of Full Figured Fashion Week NYC 2010
Wicked Whimsy How to build up a versatile & comfortable array of shoes
Tog and Trappings Les flâneurie: How observation of life can inspire creativity

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fashion show: Theatricality

This was my favourite part of my college fashion show- a fashion theatre performance which showed of the garments perfectly and I do love ballet.
I must confess to having wondered why the students/staff chose the circular shape for the final work when I saw it in the exhibition but now it all makes sense!
The work is by Foundation Degree Fashion Studies Year 1 students at Stafford College who chose to specialise in textiles and put together a 'Textiles for Fashion' collection.
The work is by David Piddock, Kim Woolliscroft, Emily Taylor, Millie Jackson, Naomi Roper, Lydia Burton and Rebecca Laing. Actually, looking at my programme/poster-thingy-ma-bob it seems the same people also created the Alice in Wonderland fashion collection.
And credit to; 'Jenny MacNamara and her team of wonderful dancers'.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Flower power

I must confess to a lot of pondering over these earrings and trips back and forth to my local Topshop, which is much more like the behaviour of some of my friends than me! They're so pretty but I wasn't sure about the colours on my skin tone. However the Topshop sale had finally started when I visited yesterday and how could I possibly resist at half price?
I wore the cream ones today and they are ever so prettyful.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Intrinsically Florrie on the catwalk

Today I went to the first of my colleges end of year fashion shows and both my coursework dress and exam dress were in it!
I'd never seen the later on an actual person before so that was lovely but I totally wish the first one would have been styled differently! However the models had to wear several different outfits from various collections and so a uniform look was required and it worked well with most of the dresses. It's not really a clumpy shoes dress though. OK this is me going into perfectionist mode but it's funny to think that before these I'd only ever made one garment- a pair of shorts when I was 13, and that was from a ready made pattern.
Anyway it was a little exciting and here are the pictures!

Now here the hair and make up worked a lot better:

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

College exhibition

So you've already seen my work and my fashion picks, but here's a mixture of everything else; fine art, photography, a graphics piece and I suspect a set design. The work ranges across many education levels and there's even GCSE photography (wouldn't mind taking that class myself actually).

It's the fashion show tomorrow and Friday at both 2pm and 7pm each day at Stafford College and my dresses will be in it- exciting! I'll be there snapping away for the blog and tickets are available if anyone's interested. :) The work ranges from AS Level students like myself to third year HND ones who are going on to work in fashion.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Frock Me

Over at Fashion Pearls of Wisdom there was a competition to win signed Frock Me posters and Tinie Tempah and Sophie Ellis Bexter singles. Winning was a matter of speed but lucky for me I was visiting the right blog at the right time and look what arrived yesterday!
My shiny new poster is autographed by the gang (Alexa Chung, Henry Holland and Gemma Cairney) from the Frock Me with TK Maxx show on Channel 4 which has sadly come to the end of the series already but you can catch up on 4oD. Fabulous.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

London sights (the Florrie way)

I'm the sort of person who accumalates huge amounts of photos in a short space of time, and currently have a few thousand to sort through. My trip to London last week makes up some of these and here's a selection of the pretty and/or interesting things that were to be seen.

First up, the new Louis Vuitton store. Fitting the whole building on a photograph proved a little tricky- this thing is immense.

Here's the Giraffe exhibiting the limited edition Stephen Sprouse leopard print scarves, though personally I like the original colour best. Clockwork shoes: What a manequin! Sadly there was a little too much fur for my liking within the windows, OK, any is too much in my opinion. But that explains why this window is so cropped, why I felt the need to do that is another post. After spotting this bag in Elle I fell in love with it. So satisfyingly chunky, an unusal print and fabulous colours. Unforunately it was sold out by the time I was interested (OK there was also the price issue and the fact that it would substantially eat into my university fund but it is so lovely I convinced myself this would be fine, not sure what mummy would say but there wasn't any point in asking considering stock shortage). And there it sits, taunting me. I really love the idea of using materials normally used to make LV products into animals. A flower shop somewhere between Kensington and Kings Road: hydrangeas!! And what a selection. Prettyful candy coloured balloons at the Bond St Ralph Lauren childrens store.Ralph Lauren's ready for tennis season: And my attraction to this Burberry coat is explained in one word- sparkles. The Smythson display makes me think of childhood. I photographed this window display because of the Vivienne Westwood bag and Roberts radio (I am totally going to have a floral one of those in my kitchen when I am a lady). But it turns out there's a competition going on. You have to work out what song each window display represents and it's also going on at the Manchester store. Read about it online here. There's a £500 spree up for grabs! And window display of the day goes to a store I'd never even heard of and that is why the window is such a great success! Hydrangeas at Ari Rossini.

For newer readers, I am completely obsessed with hydrangeas, just wait till it gets to August and they are at their best in the UK. Bliss.