Saturday, 29 January 2011

Diet Coke and nails inc: blogger challenge

I loved the last collaboration between (my favourite nail polish brand) nails inc and Diet Coke.
So when I heard that there's a new Catwalk Collection out I was really excited. You can get one of these fabulous things for yourself by heading to a Boots store and purchasing two bottles of 500ml Diet Coke, which is great value for money as the nail varnishes would normally come with an £11 RRP. The colours are 'caramel', 'heather grey', 'denim' and 'plum. I'm taken with each of them in their own way and there are some quite unusual shades, yet they work really well.
I was given the chance to be sent the new colours with an iconic Diet Coke bottle and a cute customisation kit to celebrate the launch, and being a lover of craft projects I happily accepted.
I went with a floral theme and was inspired by my favourite flower the hydrangea, which also seems to be a favourite of D & G and Mulberry this new fashion season. The colours were perfect for this idea. I painted out each flower head individually and forced myself to be patient between them, and then added a little colour detail in the centre of each flower and a gem or pearl.
When I was done I couldn't resist in matching my nails to my bottle with 'caramel' and some flower stickers.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dior nail polish giveaway- the winner!

I've been so excited about my giveaway- the truth is I just love giving things and I appreciate everyone out there who reads my ramblings. I really wish I could give all of you something! But we do have a winner:

All that counting and picked out entry number 2! Which belongs to Amy (Confessions of a Fashion Editor)- congratulations sweetie!
I think I may have to continue with this giveaway business and have another one in the not too distant future, it's too much fun not to. :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Links à la Mode- as an editor

links a la mode

"I have confidence that spring will come again, Besides which you see I have confidence in me"

Edited by Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie

Within this week's links I kept noticing a resounding honestly in the heartfelt posts. When we blog or choose an outfit we are putting ourselves out there for all to judge, and it's not surprising that doing the activity can have an affect on our confidence for better or for worse, especially when feedback starts coming in.
There's also been a sense of rebellion in the air: from the emergence of the punk style to controversy over Vogue, and in the week that saw the spectacle which is the Golden Globes rises a questioning of what the red carpet is all about.

Links à la Mode: January 20th

  • A la Modest Drawing inspiration from Kabukis, Rainbow Brite, Ladytron, and Padmé Amidala while on Tatooine
  • Antares: Alfa Scorpii Fashion without mercy: do I have to choose between fashion and my beliefs?
  • By Anika Who gets to label me and my worth? I do! An honest account from this curvy fashionista who fiercely supports all of our rights to label, embrace and love our fashionable selves, what ever our size.
  • City of Glitter To Cover-up or Not To Cover-up? A post exploring foundation and its role in our self-esteem.
  • Crimson Rosella Blogging: A Self-confidence booster?
  • Depict This The challenge of wearing vintage clothing in the real world
  • Elle Enchanted My take on what bloggers need to consider before accepting a sponsor.
  • Fashezine Inspired by Jennine Jacob's post on how fashion blogs will evolve in 2011, I thought I'd try my hand at a video.
  • Fashion Limbo Online Christmas Shopping, the Aftermath - on lost packages, refunds and independent retailers.
  • Fuyume The demise of the kimono industry.
  • Fish Monkey's Writing Stuff Why I don't think that red carpets have any relevance to fashion.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: 5 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Yourself
  • Intrinsically Florrie The fashion show that's made me impatient for summer.
  • Karma-Style Blog Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have 'FoF' - Fearlessness of Fashion. Do you?
  • My Heart Blogged Falling head over flats. My flats collections, and why you don't see me wearing heels.
  • Scarlet Letter Style Why is the fashion world so critical? I have an idea on how to fix it
  • The Column of Samantha Tyler Of Punks and their influence on Fashion
  • The Fashion Pawn The fourth part of The B.O.B Series discusses all "About You:" Tips for your About You Page.
  • The-Loud Mouth Sometimes, garbage piles up: Fashion blogging isn't just a hobby. For some, it can be an emotional release.
  • The Taxonomy Of My Wardrobe Three Strikes Vogue - You're Out! Three examples of how the fashion bible is inexcusably out of touch with readers and losing relevance in today's world
  • The Simply Luxorious Life Why Not . . . Create Your Own Signature Style?
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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The J Model Management show: Part 2

Creating my first post on the J Model Management fashion show which I had the pleasure of attending at Birmingham Council House, I quickly realised that there were just far too many photos for one post. In its original state it would literally have gone on and on with 97 images- now if that's not an image heavy post I don't know what is! However, I hope I've now organised these gorgeous collections into two non-brain cell frying chunks. So here are the clothes:
Charlotte Sparre
There were so many pretty dresses in this collection, except they weren't just pretty dresses as they came with a punch of attitude. For example there's the sugary pink dress with a huge black ant on it, requiring a certain attitude to pull off. Cheerful brights and gorgeous ditsy floral patterns were juxtaposed with morbid skulls and vampire fangs. Of course vampires are having quite a cultural moment right now. Whether it's Twilight, True Blood or The Vampire Diaries more and more books with bite appear on every visit to the book store- even Mr Darcy's been rewritten vamp style- so the label's got its finger on the pulse. I also love the little styling touches with (what appear to be) scarves as bracelets and even tied in a way reminiscent of bunny ears.
Swirl Clothing
This label is designed with a refreshingly large range of sizes in mind. The garments have a relaxed boho vibe with splashes of bold colour and gorgeous patterns to brighten up the season. There were some really lovely dresses I'd love to float round summer in. They're versatile looks which could be accessorised to work from day to night too.
Ivana Basilotta
This collection showcased understated, elegant chic. The dresses were smart but not too fussy or structured- the kind of evening dress which you can relax in whilst being assured you look good.
The collection that showed contained simply the cutest swimwear I have ever seen! Even I would struggle to mix florals when contained to just one swimwear look but they've done it for me! I really love the sweet but grown up mix of nautical strips and pretty floral prints which are two of my all time favourite trends.

 Paul Castelloe
The dresses on the runway were really cute: adorable but with a little unusual quirk to them. Ideal, perhaps, for a smart, but not too dressy summer garden party. I would really love the one with the little blue blazer- perfect for a city day.
Now I'm feeling even more impatient for spring and summer to come round!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Mulberry's hyrangea madness

 The gorgeous new D and G collection may have debuted on a catwalk with a few hydrangeas, but the new Mulberry ad campaign is completely full of my favourite flower, and oh aren't they gorgeous! I spotted them first in Tatler's February 2011 issue and then Vogue's. I'm hopeful to be seeing a lot more of this cheerful campaign throughout the season. The sight of hydrangeas always lights up a smile on my face and makes me ridiculously happy, and with adverts like these I don't even have to wait till they're in full bloom later in the summer. Bring on the summer of florals.
Don't forget to enter my Dior nail varnish giveaway! There's just under a week left now.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Spring/summer 2011 obsession: D&G florals

I saw this advert and it was love:
In fact this whole post is purely me professing my love for the new season spring/summer 2011 D and G catwalk collection as seen in the February issue of Glamour magazine UK, because it is all absolutely gorgeous! With splashes of gingham and the odd appearance of Disney princess Snow White I am absolutely besotted with the floral goodness. The clothes all look so light and cheerful for carefree summer days. On my upcoming birthday trip to London I hope to spend a long time seeing the loveliness for myself. *sighs dreamily*
This could well be competing for one of my all time favourite fashion collections.
All shots are of the new Glamour February 2011 issue which has got some really lovely things in it. The fabulous editorial was photographed by David Oldham.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

City Snapshots: Lichfield and a style debate

This afternoon I headed out to the city of Lichfield to take some photographs for my photography coursework. The brief is 'Transition' and I've been looking at transitional spaces amongst other things so I went with certain areas in mind. Still that didn't stop me taking a snap of the cheerful bunches of flowers above; I just can't resist florals or gingham!
The lady in the last picture is my mum and it inspired an internal debate over who influences whose style more, though of course she has the upper hand having dressed me for many years when I was little! I'm really lucky to have a close relationship with her and I do want her to like the things I buy, though we don't agree on fashion 100% of the time and I have bought things she wasn't convinced on. Fortunately, she is a floral fan too.
Sometimes she says that garments I have remind her of what she wore in her twenties, such as the colour scheme of my Christmas day outfit, which I think is really sweet yet she also says I pick up things in shops which she wouldn't have considered for me yet I somehow make work. I think my contribution to her style is with regards to pattern mixing. When we were out shopping in Birmingham and bought the top (sadly not in the picture) and skirt she wore today I don't think she would have considered putting them together if I hadn't all ready been in my pattern mixing phase (which I am definitely still in). They're both beautiful items individually and the prints are different, yet the colours are of a similar palette and look lovely together.
I also love the umbrella with her skirt! I picked it out a while ago having lost my usual one so as to keep it as a spare, but now I have one once again I love seeing her using it and spreading the bright and cheerful pattern mixing message.
I'm not really sure how to draw any conclusions out of this, but those are my musings of the day.
As I'm such a huge fan of pattern mixing I loved Miss Vinyl Ahoy's post on the topic so I thought I would link it to you here.
I hope you all had a lovely day, don't forget to enter my Dior nail polish giveaway!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Christian Dior nail lacquer Giveaway

I'm really excited to be sharing this giveaway with you, I had great fun deciding on what to get for it but this gorgeous 'Graphic Berry' shade won out in the end.
 The giveaway is open internationally for the next two weeks, making the closing date 23rd January.
I'm giving you all the chance of two entries to win:
1) Be a follower of this blog on Google Connect. New followers are welcome and if the following concept is new to you all you have to do is sign in with a google email/gmail account which takes a couple of minutes to create and hit the 'Follow' button then you can get all the blogs you read in one place. Or if you use Bloglovin you can find me here.
2) 'Like' my Facebook page. Which is handily located here. 
Leave me a blog comment on the post telling me which or both of these things you have done to be in with a chance. If you do not have a blog make sure you leave your name and email address so I can get in contact with you if you win!
Good luck lovelies!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Hello (Kitty) 2011: the calendar

 I've decided that this year I'm going to be an organised blogger, and so to that purpose I've bought a calendar especially for organising my online self. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's cute and the image for April is of my Hello Kitty bunny from Easter. OK, OK: I saw the calendar beforehand yet couldn't justify it, but I then realised that I could do with some blog management!
Published by Danilo, I bought it from 'Calendar Club' but I also spotted it in Sainsburys.
What calendar have you started the new year with?