Thursday, 22 July 2010

EasyTone- review

A little while ago I was contacted by Reebok to be a part of their EasyTone trial. The buzz about the EasyTone trainers, as endorsed by Kelly Brook, is that they work you just that bit harder and so meaning more calories burnt and more muscle tone- like taking the gym with you.
Well who could object to that? I enthusiastically agreed, with slight worries that I am a complete dress, tights and heels girl. However first impressions were good- perhaps helped by the fact that the purple scarf I was wearing matched them perfectly!
And so off I trotted around my village in them, feeling slightly odd but I soon got used to the sensation and I didn't conciously have to alter my walking style at all, so a good start. Since then I have pretty much walked in them every day and here's the verdict: they really do work. As you go you can feel your muscles working harder, but not so much as that you can't walk at the same pace which is perfect really. The benefits are added in without taking any more time in your day.
As I've said, I've never been a trainer girl and I'm still not convinced entirely fashion wise. However, they do look nice enough with jeans, and as walks are one of the few times I actually wear jeans this works well for me. I don't feel silly in them and I think the range is as nice as trainers get, they've managed to make them quite sleek.
For the science-y bit I'm going to quote the original, 'EasyTone shoe makes your
muscles work that little bit harder than ordinary trainers, increasing muscle activation in your glutes by 28 per cent, your calves by 11 per cent and your hamstrings by 11 per cent.' It's all to do with the specially designed sole which is inspired by balance-ball technology.
The one thing I would say is; don't start with a huge walk straight away or you will feel it afterwards. They're also not made for running, but I've heard that there will be range designed for running soon called RunTone!
It must be said the trainers have been a wonderful success. It's great going about as usual but knowing that they're working to tone my muscles that bit extra. They've easily integrated into my daily routine and I've grown rather fond of them. I'd definitely recommend a pair.


Side Street Style said...

Ooooh those shoes sound's great to think they are doing that little bit extra to help tone without actually having to do more physically - sounds like my kind of thing! It's really cool they sent you some free stuff aswell - free clothes are always good :)

Laura x

Leia said...

I don't wear trainers except to run, but I have to admit I have a pair of Fit Flops! I only wear them in the house though, haha, and I'm not entirely convinced that they 'tone' but I do find them very comfortable

Leia's Delights

Sherin said...

Great review. I don't think I've worn trainers in years: I do wear sneakers a lot though. Hmm, I think I might try these out one day.

mispapelicos said...

I read about them, but weren´t to sure...So i will have to reconsidere when back from Berlin.
You look soooooooooo thin on this photos!!!

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