Saturday, 18 June 2011

Show Me Your Stationery: Hello Kitty sweetness

Over at Molly and the Princess there's a snazzy new blog link up called Show Me Your Stationery. I have decided to show my latest stationery haul from Selfridges Birmingham (the childrens department is so worth going to for the Hello Kitty stuff!). I love this range because it combines several things I like; pink with a touch of lilac, Hello Kitty, polka dots, hearts and musical notes for an amazingly cute final effect.
I have been wanting my own hole punch and stapler for a while so I don't have to keep pinching my dad's. I'd seen a few lovely floral styles but when I saw them there was never a matching set and having searched this avenue for a while I decided to go with these Kitty ones. I've been wanting a new fountain pen too, the notebook is for making my lists for the summer and being the sticker fiend I am I could not pass these up!
Molly and the Princess


beingdena said...

Being the Hello Kitty fan that I am I am in love with your stationary.
Hope you're having a fab weekend lovely.

Dena ♡

Jamboree said...

Cuteness 100% - ty for sharing your stationery stash. Being a stationery junkie, I find it hard to use the cute items tho ;)

Rach Mon Polkadot Cheri said...

Only you would have a massive haul of Hello Kitty stationary! I am such a stationary obsessive

Temporary:Secretary said...

This is so cute. I am a major Sanrio fan - everytime i go to hong kong, i come back with a suitcase full of sanrio stuff, mainly stationary. Pls pop by and see my stationary post sometime ( Lots of love xxx

KatGotTheCream said...

Now I have a daughter I think I can justify a bit more pink and Hello Kitty in my life. Great haul!

Dawniepants said...

Omg, I ADORE stationery! So loving this post right now, and I love Hello Kitty. I'm now completely decided that I'm going to Paperchase tomorrow and getting my stationery lovin on!

Blaming you!

Maria said...

Such an overload of sweetness here! I love getting stationary and I recently bought a new diary :)

Maria xxx

Ms. Wedgie said...

I have to be dragged kicking and screaming away from the HK stuff in the Birmingham Selfidges!! I'm prbably far to old for it but what the's cute! Paperchase is also a weakness of mine! :)

Ingersoll Watches said...

Hello Kitty!!! - I am just crazy about this brand! I so envy you for having this set. :D

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