Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Surprise Eggs Kitty Style

I first found these lovely Hello Kitty surprise eggs in Topshop at Easter 2008- they are so sweet! Inside is some candy (hmm), some stickers (ooooooh) and a little kitty figure (yay!).
I did not see them return this year but found the figures in these gifts at Claire's Accessories (they do have some nice HK stuff). On the plus side you're guarenteed to get the one you want, but then it is stuck to the base and could be tricky to separate.
Yesterday I went to Manchester with college to go to the UCAS art & design event and look round the various university stands.
I also went to abakhan haberdashery in Oldham Street to go on a bit of a ribbon spree, and while successfully staying away from the basket of lovely tweeds (got a gorgeous pink one last time to make into a Chanel style pencil skirt) and all the yummy vintage shops, I was drawn into Forbidden Planet (a collectables shop, very expensive for Twilight fans- there was so much merchandise) by some very pretty Hello Kitty items in the window. They had some really unusual plush toys and things. I had been hoping for some Hello Kitty Pearl Cards as my local W H Smiths has sold out :( and my collection is not quite complete, but was very happy to find a tray of the surprise eggs. I also got a HK goody bag, but considering some past shopping trips spending £6.50 is not so bad! And I also went out with a very lovely friend, who (un)fortunately encourages me in my spending and I do likewise in return (she likes florals too) and managed to only buy drinks etc! I was very proud, and did not have to come home and tell me lovely mum about going over budget as usual. :)
Even more of a surprise with the eggs is that there aren't 12 designs now- there are 24!! :O I really want the ballerina one (circled in pink above).
Below are my new ones: :) I think the left one is rather cute.


Leah said...

Awwwww, Hello Kitty again... I love it.

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Kitty is timeless!!! :-))) Wonderful post, brought a smile to my face. I am so very happy to be back. I do have a lot of Blog reading and catching up to do and can not wait to read everything I missed in your wonderful Bog.

Sherin said...

The hello Kitty figures are so cute. I'm a huge nerd and spend so much time in Forbidden Planet, lol. I literally love everything in there!!

janettaylor said...

Hihi! Timeless Kitty! So cute!


Anonymous said...

Did your friend manage to only buy drinks?? ;) Only spending £6.50 is very gd :)
E xxx

Brioche said...

Hi! I loved those eggs but I cannot find them anymore here in Spain!!! Lucky you!!!

Anonymous said...

ruil je ook kitty's uit de eieren? we hebben veel dubbele en zoeken er nog maar een met een blauw zusters/dokters pakje kun je helpen??? mail maar groetjes Aafke

vejitadmc said...

same here, als je nog een zustertje hebt dan wil ik best wisselen xD
Je kan me bereiken op

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