Sunday, 4 April 2010

DIY bunny ears

So bunnies have been taking over the fashion world lately, particularly headwear wise with a little help from Louis Vuitton.
I was inspired by my new Hello Kitty doll to make some bunny ears all my own for Easter! So when I was shopping for art materials yesterday I picked out some felt and a basic headband. The fabric in the background is just for show. :)
So first I cut out two ear shapes in thin card and stuck them onto the cream felt.
And while that was drying I moved onto the headband base, which was a little too big to fit one piece of felt on so there's a join but I glued the edges underneath for neatness. This takes a little patience as you need to make sure it stays down before you move onto the next bit and the fabric wanted to curl back to being flat.
So after a sensibly amount of time I cut round the ears and flipped them over to stick on some more felt.
I must admit that I improvised the shapes of the pink sections but you could make them more in the shape of the cream bit, anyway I stuck them on next.
Now sticking the ears to the headband takes a lot of patience indeed as you need to hold them in place while the glue dries to make sure they stay upright. I wasn't sure if the first one was working or not so I glued an extra flap of felt on aswell to help it remain upright. When the glue was about half dry I moved onto the second ear this time joining the relavent part of the flap onto the ear first for ease. After a small while I places the headband down but put an object beneath each ear to keep them at the right level compared to the headband.


Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling!

Happy Easter!


Sherin said...

You did a marvellous job! They ears came out great. And you made it so easy!

daisychain said...

these are amazing.

Emmy Lizzie said...

Hello fb profile ears!

liz said...

so cute! said...

Aww, way cute. I love them!

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